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How to Plan a Perfect Outdoor Movie Night? 

2022-10-31 11:25:45 679

If you are on your camping trip, what makes an evening under a clear starry sky even better? Perhaps your favorite movie would be the icing on the cake. Have you ever thought about planning a movie night at the campsite? Follow these steps below and get you, your family, and friends, an unforgettable, relaxing, and cozy night. 


Must-have lists


1) Outdoor projector kit (projector + screen). There are plenty of options out there if you search online. Their prices vary from under $100 to over $1000. Find the one within your budget range. Make sure you look at the lumens of the projector, which is the brightness of the projector. Simply speaking, the higher the lumen, the better the picture quality. You will also need a projector screen. If you don’t have one from the kit, try a white blanket! 


2) A device to play the movie. It could be a computer, a cellphone, a TV stick (if your projector supports it), or a tablet. Make sure you have the movie downloaded and ready to play. 


3) Audio System. If your projector does not come with audio, or the speaker is too small, consider having a separate speaker. Test it before you go. 


4) Bug zapper. Don’t let insects annoy and ruin your movie night. Get an outdoor electric insect trap to enjoy a bug-free evening. 


5) Chairs, blankets, and pillows. Your outdoor cinema seats. Stay warm and cozy! You may also use a waterproof outdoor blanket if you have a group of audience. 


6) Snack & drinks. Need I say more? Grab your favorite snacks and drinks. Best movie partner one can possibly think of.    


7) Ambience lighting. It’s all about the mood. Hanging outdoor string lights are a great way to decorate your outdoor movie theater. Besides, it provides some lighting to the campsite. 


8) A Powerness portable power station to power your projector, computer, bug zapper, lights, and more. If your projector has a rated power lower than 500 watts, which portable projectors usually are, Powerness Hiker U500 should be able to supply a good movie time. Please see below for a rough calculation. 




Aprx Running Time

Power Consumption









String lights






9) Last but not least, a good movie. :)  

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