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Solar Panel Extension Cable

Enhance Your Power Flexibility with Our Extension Cables
[Wide Compatibility]
Our 16.4 Feet/DC 8mm and 32.8 Feet/DC 8mm extension cables are compatible with Powerness and Jackery portable solar panels and power stations. Connect with ease and expand your power reach.
[Flame-Retardant and Durable]
Crafted with PVC material, our extension cables are built to withstand outdoor adventures. They are flame-retardant and designed for durability in rugged conditions.
[Stable Power Transmission]
The embedded premium copper core in both extension cables ensures minimal resistance and delivers a fast, stable current. Experience reliable power transmission every time.
[Input: 8mm, Output: 8mm]
Our extension cables feature an 8mm input and output, making them compatible with Goal Zero plugs and popular models like GZ Yeti, ExpertPower, MAXOAK, BLUETTI, and Solar Generator Power Station.
[Package Contents]
Each package includes one 16.4 Feet or 32.8 Feet extension cable, providing you with the desired length to reach your power source.


Upgrade your power flexibility and enjoy seamless compatibility with our reliable and durable extension cables. Whether you choose the 16.4 Feet or 32.8 Feet option, you can trust their stable power transmission capabilities. Order now and elevate your power experience!







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Solar Charging is More Flexible

With this extension cable, you can charge place the solar panel outside where the sunlight is strong, and at the same time put the power station in cool places, such as indoors, in an RV, or in a tent.

How to Connect?

1.Plug the 8mm/7909 DC connector of the solar panel into the female connector of the extension cable.

2.Find the right size connector for your  power station on the extension cable, and plug it into the power station.



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